• Calle 5 y Cno. Eguzquiza
  • Telephone: 4277-3088
    • Neighborhood: La Barra
    • Cuisine: Peruvian Food

Nuna offers a proposal of Peruvian cuisine by renowned chef author from Lima Jaime Pesaque, which incorporates elements of cevichería, Creole cuisine and Peruvian-Chinese and Peruvian-Japanese fusion. Nuna (“Soul” in Quechua) offers new tastes and textures in both food and drink. In addition to its varied gastronomic offer, Nuna is the only restaurant in Uruguay where you can sample the freshest cocktails based aromatic Peruvian fruit and herb marinated asleep in pisco, Peru’s national drink since the sixteenth century.

To preserve the authenticity of the original flavors and ingredients, Nuna brings to Punta del Este their full team of chefs from Peru, who works in the same open kitchen format for the client to appreciate their work and confirm the quality and fairness of culinary work. Nuna also has an own garden on the terrace of the restaurant, where their vegetables and spices grows to ensure maximum freshness. Customers will also find in the restaurant reference books about Peru and its cuisine, music and Peruvian alpaca rugs to complete your experience.

Nuna offers a separate kitchen in a special place and conducive to experimentation. Built entirely of wood, has a deck in the middle of a forest of eucalyptus, whose aroma whets the appetite. Nuna also shares the concept between art and restaurant, with a showcase for the work of young artists. This season Danvila Flavia Fernandez, talented Uruguayan artist, was the chosen one.


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