• Barra Alta

    Traditional old-fashioned grill in La Barra, Punta del Este. Located close to Hotel Montoya, it offers multiple options for eating uruguayan meat.

  • Los Caracoles

    Resembling an old restaurant, “Los Caracoles” is a classic visit in Punta del Este. It was inaugurated in 1971 by Don Roberto…

  • Yacht Club Punta del Este

    YCPE restaurant’s is one of the most exclusive Punta del Este. A warm and elegant atmosphere, combined with a stunning terrace with…

  • Isidora

    Sitting at the table in Isidora is much more than eating in the marina of Punta del Este and breath close to…

  • El Franchute

    El Franchute

    El Franchute is the only host’s table in Uruguay that offers traditional French bourgeois food. Located among forests, land and sea, it…

  • Pico Alto

    Traditional on the go pizza in La Barra, Punta del Este. It combines a terrace on the side of Route 10 and an…

  • Guappa

    Guappa distinguish itself because of it’s great international cuisine and one of the best view of Puerto de Punta del Este, Gorriti…

  • Bonet

    Bonet is an exclusive restaurant, distinguished for its cuisine by Chef Graciela Ferreres and high quality service. Waterfront is located within the…


Most Recommended Restaurants

Asado y Milonga
El Franchute

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Punta del Este Restaurants

Restaurants in La Barra

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Freddo – La Barra

Since already several years, Freddo, a well known Ice creams company of Argentina, has a franchise in front of Route 10,...

Restaurants in La Punta

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La Stampa

La Stampa is an Italian ristorante in Punta del Este, located in front of El Emir beach. With its outdoor...

Restaurants in Jose Ignacio

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A restaurant specialized in grilled pizza, which also serves amazing salads and sandwiches. Rucula Pizza with dried tomatoes is the...

Restaurants in La Mansa

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Lady Marion

An European corner, where you can enjoy tasty breakfast and tea with scones, brioche, croissants and delicious cakes, all prepared...

Restaurants in La Brava

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L Incanto Restaurant


L’Incanto is a new gastronomic proposal offering one of the most attractive and prestigious food in Punta del Este. L’Incanto...

Restaurants in Punta Ballena

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Medio y Medio

Visiting Medio y Medio is a unique experience. The visitor seems a venture into the flavors and aromas of a...