El Palenque

  • Av. Roosevelt y Parada 6
  • Telephone: 42 494 257 – 42 494 260
    • Neighborhood: La Brava
    • Cuisine: International Cuisine , Seafood , Grill

El Palenque has a variety of food styles. Located on Roosevelt Av. This restaurant in Punta del Este has a big grill, where you can see a variety of cuts, including meat, lamb, pork, offal, vegetables and meats, which covers some of the most traditional Uruguayan food.

The kitchen is a perfect fusion of the palate with typical Spanish Creole flavors: paellas, rice and seafood coexist in perfect harmony.

In addition, the place has a wine cellar with exclusive wines from around the world and spacious lounge and various indoor and outdoor spaces.


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