• Ruta 10 Km. 161
  • Telephone: 4277-1504
    • Neighborhood: La Barra
    • Cuisine: Uruguayan Meat , Fast Food

Located on Route 10 at Km 161, La Barra, REX -Best Chivito in Town-, is certainly a restaurant that is characterized by lively and youthful atmosphere.

Its menu offers dishes for lunch or dinner as chivitos, burgers, salads, squid rings, and also one of its advantages is that it has a letter for those who prefer to go to breakfast or afternoon tea featuring: smoothies, sandwiches, waffles, milkshakes, sundaes, etc.

With an affordable price in high season, REX, is open 24 Hs, reason why to choose before or after the beach, leaving a party or as a meeting point before going to the bowling.

Set like a typical American dinner, the place is roomy and comfortable. It also has a covered terrace from where you can see the sea.

The disadvantages of this restaurant are that’s cash only and has no parking.

As its motto: “The place to eat is also the place to meet.”

Rex, 4.1 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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2 Comentarios

  1. El Willy

    Me encantan los licuados de Rex después de ir a la playa!!!!

      • Comida
      • Servicio
      • Ambiente

  2. lperuceli

    Estuve la semana pasada en Chivitos Rex y puedo decir que fue de lo mejores chivitos que comí en mi corta estadia en Punta del Este. Muy recomendable el lugar y la atención.

      • Comida
      • Servicio
      • Ambiente