Punta Alive 2013

PUNTA ALIVE On the Beach, is declared of Tourist Interest by the Ministry of Tourism and the Uruguayan Chamber of Tourism of departmental interest by the Municipality of Maldonado, and Municipal Interest by the City of Punta del Este. It consists of a series of shows with an interdisciplinary staging dynamic and edgy, on the sands of two recognized hostels located on the brava beach in Punta del Este.

Featured Uruguayans Djs like JAVIER MISA, PAOLA Dalto and Fernando Picon, vibrate the next 6 to 19 January 17 to 20 hours, on stage at the Ocean Beach Club and Mantra, respectively.

Each staging will have a unique identity, with performances by broadening the scope and scenic attraction. Proposals will integrate design apparel, accessories and footwear, made by top emerging brands and design schools recognized trendsetter hand designers entering the market. Proposals for makeup and hair will also present live demonstrations.

The venture adds to the campaign for a Sustainable Uruguay, as it seeks to cooperate with the awareness of environmental care and resources through educational messages and information that will be provided to the general public.

For more info visit: https://www.facebook.com/PuntaAlive

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