Fluo Party for Conrad Season Opening

Bright colors, great music, delicious food, and deployment of many famous beauties of the region is the summary of what was the Season Opening Party 2013 which gave Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino to 1500 guests.

In line with the design of digital invitation for the party, intense fluorescent colors, as this sets the trend of summer decorating excelled in the classroom and on details of the dress of the guests who joined the party led by a walkway at the foot of the steps of the hall of the resort Punta del Este. At the end of the three cylindrical structures hid fringed silk mode stunning girls cages.

The decoration of the photo opportunities and the back of the stage was inspired by the work of artist Piet Mondrian. The original resin furniture and ultramodern designs lit with light. Livings Whites led drinks and bars completed the staging of Raul Almandos.

Famous guests

Among the figures were Mexican actors Marcelo Cordoba and Mariana Seoane,

Argentina: Zaira Nara, Dolores Barreiro and Matías Camisani, Nicole Neumann and Nacho Herrero, Soledad Ainesa, Karina Jelinek, Lucho Avilés, Myriam Bunin, Teresa Calandra, Gabriel Corrado, Ari Paluch, Cecilia Zuberbühler, Ricky Sarkany, Carlos Di Domenico, Tete Coustarot;

Brazil: the TV host and model Amanda loam Caroline Bittencourt;

Chile: the models Adriana Barrientos and Jennifer Mayani;

Uruguay: Juliet and Ruben Rada, the U.S. ambassador in Uruguay Julissa Reynoso, musician Nicholas Ibarburu, the athlete Deborah Rodriguez, Giannina Silva, Sergio Puglia, Clarisa Abreu, designers Paul Suarez and Nicolas Osano, actors Adriana da Silva Nacho and Cardozo, the conductive tv Flavia Pintos and Claudia Galvan, Steffi Rauhut, Charles House and his staff of top models Uruguayan.

Uruguayan star debut

It was the perfect night for the debut of the top winners of the contest “Conrad looks for his star.” Mariana Zunino opened the show with the song “Diamonds” by Rihanna, Victoria Brugger sang “One Love” by David Guetta and Estelle, while Fernanda Gimenez winner wowed audiences with “Mercy” by Duffy. Juan José Cerviño put his share romance with “And there was someone” of Marc Anthony.

“Conrad Angels” 2013

The evening also served as a snap of the contest “Conrad Angels” that two years ago looking for three girls with beauty, charm and charisma to encourage the promotion of the casino in the summer and to represent the Conrad brand in fashion shows, parties and the most exclusive events of the season at Spa.

Sculptural Twelve finalists Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay deployed beauty and glamor on the catwalk in bikinis and fancy outfits.

by Argentina: Sofia Savoy, Rocio Robles, Macarena Pineta, Juliana Kawka, Brenda Gonzalez and Natacha Eguia;

Brazil: Karin Silva, Brunna Bagnariolli, Gianny Gianini, Marylia Bernhardt, Pamela Di Pierri Gonzaga and Aline;

by Uruguay: Alexandra Grossi, Cynthia Amorim Romaso Lorena, Gabriela Marichal, Analía Maino and Paula Wedge.

Zaira Nara and Ricky Sarkany were charged with driving while Coustarot Tete, Gabriel Corrado, Conrad executives Jorge Serna (VP and GM) and Silvina Luna (Director of Marketing), Carlos Di Domenico and Brazilian TV host Amanda loam elegió formed the jury that the three angels this year: Natacha Eguia (AR), Marylia Bernardt (BR) and Lorena Romaso (UY).


The magnificent buffet included, among other delights: marinated salmon thai spoon, mini pita with prosciutto and goat cheese, avocado shot with ceviche, shrimp breaded, mini vol-au-vent of seafood, steak with mushrooms in phyllo.

Presented in seasons, the hot dishes were chorizo steak with herb crust, chicken and pork tacos, quinoa with vegetables and pasta with shrimp. The tempting treats were frozen by Freddo Conrad and mini desserts served in individual dishes acetate: warm red fruits accompanied with choclate and almond cake, chocolate dessert and orange, passion fruit and coconut cheesecake.

As has become a classic of this holiday, the draw was made for journalists passages LAN-TAM, GOL and BQB to attractive parts of the region while Silvina Luna, the resort’s marketing director, said part of the busy schedule of shows Conrad and proposals offered this season 2013.

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