Emma Shapplin Conrad dazzled at the premiere of his South American tour

Great show last night gave Emma Shapplin where Conrad crowd with his impressive voice. With gentle movements on stage and shy thanks in English and French after applause and cheers, the French opera singer gave a concert than an hour and a half which included a selection of 16 songs from all their albums.

“Leonora”, “Reptile”, “Ira di Dio”, “Vedi, Maria …”, “body without a soul”, “Jealously yours”, “White Sail”, “Lucifer, quel giorno” and “Fifth Heaven” were in the repertoire, as well as the remarkable “Spente le stelle” and “La notte Etterna”. Conrad debuted his version of “All I ask of God” by Leon Gieco, the end theme repeated by popular demand.

Emma Shapplin arrived Wednesday to Punta del Este accompanied by his manager, his musicians and “Fudji San”, a purebred dog’s Mexican xolocuintle not separated at any time. Jorge Serna, vice president and general manager of Conrad, welcomed.

Very quiet, did not leave the suite during your stay except for testing sound which saw her dressed elegantly and with your pet in your arms. She was delighted with Uruguayan wool apparel and purchased several items at the boutique hotel, including a vest, a long scarf, sweaters and a beret.

Romantic, mysterious, passionate, charismatic soprano has become the great diva of opera-pop crossover that performs songs in neoclassical style, pop and electro, combining the emotional drama of the opera with the sensuality of pop music.

It was the only appearance in Uruguay and the first in South America to the tour “Reloaded Tour 2012” that the author and composer continue in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico.

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