Celebrations for Maldonado’s children in Conrad

Within the annual calendar of support provided Conrad Punta del Este in Maldonado community, Children’s Day marks a very special evening and was celebrated with games, snacks and a movie night.

Throughout a day nearly 200 school children and mentally disabled 79 School 84 deaf and INAU Children’s Home department for the company were transferred to Conrad Buquebus where they shared in the resort’s Kids Corner and games snacks with hot dogs, chips, cookies, ice cream and big chocolate cakes and fudge.

Furthermore, the 100 attendees Kids Club “Dionisio Díaz” and the Youth Center, operating in the district New Maldonado, enjoyed an evening of theater Punta Shopping Mall by Ms. coordination. Shirley Serna, wife of the vice president and general manager of Conrad, sr. Jorge Serna, and company Life Cinema who generously invited everyone with a unique feature of the movie “Ice Age 4”, and soda pop.

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