• Paso de la Cadena, Esq. Dunkerque
  • Telephone: 4249-1190
    • Neighborhood: La Mansa
    • Cuisine: Mexican Food

Calexico is an acronym for California (Cal) and Mexico (exico). The menu consists of fusion of these two regions meals.

This restaurant in Punta del Este offers a sensory experience, through California cuisine flare and contemporary and native Mexican food. Fresh ingredients are used to artfully blend the traditional and the unexpected, in a variety of tastes and colors.

Calexico’s mission is to offer the best quality and service at reasonable prices. It uses only the finest ingredients and everything is cooked from scratch. Since corn tortillas to their sauces, all done in Uruguay, but inspired by the rich mix of California cuisine and Mexico.

The tortillas are handmade, handcrafted using traditional methods and all natural ingredients to produce a home-style flavor of fresh ground corn.

Sauces are also authentic and completely natural and can be used in tacos or tostadas, or on top of the meat, chicken or pork, to add a touch Calexico to any meal.


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