Punta Shopping

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It is the first major shopping Punta del Este. It is located just 2 miles away from downtown. It’s open during all the year, filling the needs of the established citizens and those tourists who want to have an alternative besides the beach.

Despite not having well-known brands, the mall has an interesting variety of entertainment. It has eight Hoyts cinemas (www.cineshoyts.com.uy), a karting track, a bowling alley and two rooms offering slots casinos. It also offers a variety of restaurants, in particular fast food ones, like hamburgers or pizza.

On the other hand, there are many services offered such as: banks, ATMs, money exchange, telephone booth, collection agency and car wash.

Recommended to visit on those rainy days when you’re tired of going to the beach. We encourage you to have a karting race with your family.

For further info visit: www.puntashopping.com.uy


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