Arboretum Lussich

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Lussich The Arboretum is located 9 miles away from the center of Punta del Este, on the “camino Lussich” on Route 38. It is a recommended visit for those nature lovers.

In 1896, this area of 1800 ha. was purchased by Antonio Lussich, a maritime employer. Through his work, Lussich was able to get seeds and plants from all continents. Thus, assembled one of the largest forest reserves in America.

In December 1979, 182 acres were donated to the Municipality of Maldonado and, after being reconditioned, were open to the public. The Arboretum has 400 exotic species and 70 native trees and bushes.

Among the recommended activities, you can also visit the museum of the Arboretum, where you can find decorations awarded to the creator and a collection of photos showing the evolution of afforestation in the early years.

For more information, see: http://www.maldonado.gub .uy / casona.php


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