The night was lit in La Barra

Fireworks, live music, DJs and tastings at the first party at OH!

OH! La Barra, the first mall to open in Punta del Este sky, closed 2014 with a show of fireworks and live music which attracted celebrities, tourists and locals, Sunday 28 hours.

More than 1,000 people gathered in the central square Walk shopping and entertainment already emerging as the meeting point of La Barra. At midnight, the incredible fireworks show Jupiter was the opening of a party that followed with DJ Set Tasting Spinetta and lasted until dawn.

Meanwhile, in the exclusive marquee events OH !, 300 VIP guests were surprised with the presentation of Fabian “Zorrito” Von Quintiero, who offered an acoustic show for presents, among which were Carlos Di Domenico, Paloma Cepeda, Micaela Brecque, Soledad Solaro, Jimena Buttigliengo and Soledad Ainesa, among other figures, both Argentina and Uruguay.

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