Punta Alive on the Beach opening

On Sunday January 6 was the first date PUNTA ALIVE presented by Corona, on a large stage located on Ocean Beach Parador.

With an impressive staging framed by a large LED display and an important gateway to the sea, designs and trends were presented by the hand of one of the country’s leading schools Peter Hamers Design School, the innovative line of clothing with protection Sunline against ultraviolet rays, the colorful collection of Marcel Shoes Metamorphosis, the avant-garde presentation of Natacha Ruth, the exclusive collection and Mary Josephine Girls Wicked by Elhektra, delicate flower designs and complete handmade Liz Iracema – beach & pool couture with dazzling collection of swimwear.

Accompanying this great design show, featured Dj Uruguayan PAOLA Dalto and JAVIER MISA, put music all day at the pace of the best and most prominent themes of the season. The live performances of FEFA Giovio, in the opening and closing of the event, as well as the Moon Liber hairstyle by Plasma Kosméticos, expanded the artistic and scenic attraction.

PUNTA ALIVE On the Beach, an unprecedented event in Punta del Este, continues with the next date on Saturday January 19 at 16:30 pm to sunset, with more fashion and this time with the music composition by the DJ `s JAVIER MISA And Fernando Picon, at Parador Mantra Beach.

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