Conrad encourages healthy lifestyle behaviors to their employees

Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino implemented to avoid sedentary activities and encourage healthy living among its officials. Highly positive response in terms of participation and compliance with the objective of these proposals have included last year runs-walks on the peninsula, climbing the Sugar Loaf Mountain, bike rides among the mountains and even night walks around town Eden.

On the initiative of the Human Resources team and with the advice of the physical education teachers Spa Hotel, Conrad has established an annual calendar of activities that are invited officials from all positions and areas and family.

The schedule this year includes physical exercise in beautiful places in the department: walks in the Arboretum Lussich and Wells Blue, cycling in La Barra and Piriapolis, and Solis Mataojo circuits and Sugar Loaf mountain bike discipline.

Conrad provides transportation in buses and trucks to the starting points of the circuits as well as T-shirts, water and food at the end of the conference will also fulfill the function of promoting human relations among the nearly 1300 employees of the company .

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